Cast the right artists, in the right roles.

We reduce the administration allowing you to focus on creative decisions. Release briefs, screen and shortlist. Schedule auditions and progress talent, we capture your notes & session videos. Showcase lead candidates with stakeholders along the way.

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Publish casting briefs

Find the right talent

Release casting briefs to top talent and representatives and screen, shortlist and audition the best talent.

Capture answers to questions to help find the right talent and review artist profiles.
Review talent, capture next steps, progress the right talent
Cast on your terms by optionally securing non disclosure agreements from talent prior to submitting
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Schedule, audition & progress the right talent

Audition top talent

Schedule and share audition material. Record and capture auditions to progress the right talent

Invite top talent to audition providing access to audition material and gaining confirmation ahead of time.
Conduct Self-tape or In Room auditions, access talent CV, take notes and review videos.
Access historical audition notes and videos.
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Showcase top talent

Showcase the right talent

Bring stakeholders along on the casting journey with showcase pages.

Maintain a birds eye view of your talent pool throughout the process.
Create pages to showcase talent and bring stakeholders along on the journey.
Manage access to showcase pages with a range of password or authentication options
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Experience the future of casting.

Transform your casting experience today and unlock more time to focus on creative decisions rather than administrative tasks.